Looking for a SaaS hosted version of Grid studio?

If you want to try out Grid studio without having to install it locally you can use the hosted version of Grid studio that we offer as part of the Grid studio open source project.

Transparent pricing

We offer a managed hosted version of Grid studio on top of the DigitalOcean platform. You are only charged for Grid studio instances that you leave running. We charge a fixed margin on top of the server costs that we pay, and you can see ahead of time exactly how much you will pay for the managed hosting instance.

Starting at $7.50 per month (0.012$ per hour).


If you use Grid studio SaaS you will have access to support for any technical issues related to the hosting/access of the Grid studio instance.

Any support issues with the use of Grid studio itself (e.g. how it works - how to achieve something - bugs in the software) is not included. We hope you understand the trade-off we have to make in making Grid studio available in an accessible manner at a fair price.

If you need premium support with technical assistance on how to use Grid studio reach out to us directly on info@gridstudio.io and we'll try our best to work something out.

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